The first chapter



Chapter 1 of “The Clean Coder” was focused on what exactly clean code is. Clean code is elegant, reusable, and easy to maintain. My first couple of semesters, the primary focus when coding was hacking away until I finally found something that worked. Once I had a working version, the assignment was submitted and forgotten about. As I’ve progressed through my education, I’ve noticed something that has sort of happened naturally. Over time my code has actually become easier to read and I could go back to my code and follow along and understand my thought process at the time. I went from naming all of my variables a,b,c, etc. to actual names that mean what they represent.

After reading the first chapter, not only did I notice my progression, I also realized how much I need to improve. I now understand I must continually test my work, and also make it easier for myself to go back later on and be able to understand my code. Maintainablity and reliability have become a lot more important, and I am excited on using these ethics to improve my future work. Hopefully one day my code can be considered “clean”.

The first chapter

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